Ochoa Photography - The Greatest Investment for Lifetime Memories

Every year, countless times each year, our readers ask who our favorite pet photographers are. So all year long, we search high and low to find you the best photographers in the US! We look through their portfolios, we stalk their Instagram accounts, we compare their pricing with others in the area, and the list goes on! After all of our homework is completed, we book a session and rate them based on our own experience. This year, we are ecstatic to introduce you to Ochoa Photography!

So, maybe you’re wondering what made Angie’s work stand out amongst all the other photographers in the world! Well, let us just show you glimpse of her very diverse portfolio, because words just won’t do justice.

Looking at Angie’s portfolio, you’d never know that this isn’t her only career and passion. That’s just how amazing of a photographer she is! You can tell she truly loves photography with how she captures her subjects and makes their memories come alive in her photos. She’s been making this magic happen, professionally, since 2011.

Not only is she a phenomenal photographer, but she’s also a full-time hairdresser, boutique owner, dog mom, wife and mother (also expecting baby #2!), and passionate follower of Christ. She is a dreamer and creative entrepreneur that we completely connected with from the first minute we met her.

She welcomed us into her super cute studio, we got to know each other for a bit as she showed us around, and we let the dogs play and get comfortable before we started our photoshoot. The shoot was surprisingly stress-free which made it really easy to get great shots quickly! And because she doesn’t have just one niche in photography, she knew exactly how to position each dog and every gal (skinny and pregnant alike!) to get great angles of everyone! And that’s difficult to do when you’re 7.5 months pregnant!!! Bless her.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, she’s able to capture the memories and bring them to life so you can look back on these moments your entire life. Invest in these memories. Book your session with Ochoa Photography today and make these memories last forever!

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