Puppy Baby Mama- Hannah


Us Gals have been slightly obsessed with Hannah and her two bostons for quite some time now. Not only in their Instagram just aesthetic to die for and gives all us dog mom goals, Hannah also rung Bark Community, which an amazing IG account that gives tips and tricks on how to grow your dog social media! We had the pleasure to meet Hannah and her babes at Blog Paws this year and we all fell in love with her as quickly as we fell in love with her page years ago. We got to ask Hannah some questions that we know all you Puppy Baby mamas are dying to know, check out Hannahs answers below.


How did you and your pup find each other?

Both of our puppies were referrals through the local dog community.  I had been going to dog shows and joined the local dog club. After a few months, we were referred to Maggie’s breeder in Las Vegas, Nevada and then Orbit’s breeder who lives in Kalispell, Montana.

What are your top 3 favorite dog brands and why?

We’re huge fans of Real Pet Food.  They are a dog treat subscription company that is local to us.  The owner sources their ingredients locally and actively contribute and share what they know about dog nutrition.  We also co-host pack walks with them every two weeks.

Pet Recovery Collars is another company we’re endeared to.  It’s a life-changing product for our pets.  And one of those that 99% of pet parents never give a second thought to.  Orbit had yeasty paws for months and the only thing that kept her off it was her Kong Cushion recovery collar.  She didn’t even know she was wearing it and could through the doggy door without any problems. The owners and clients are friends of ours now and it’s their dedication to pet recovery that has really changed our perception about a simple product (the rigid plastic cone of shame) that they re-imagined because their own dog had to wear it for extended periods of time.

For apparel - we’re fans of Frenchie Bulldog. She’s also local to us here in San Diego. What sets her apart is that the founder is laser-like focused on her community and brand.  She regularly sets up meetups in all the various cities in the US (and now Europe) to simply get all the dogs in the community together.


What is the perfect day date with your pup like in your city?

We are extremely active walkers and hikers.  Ideally, we get in a solid walk twice a day - preferably at the beach.  On weekends we opt for trails and hiking with friends.


What is your best advice to build social accounts?

To capture the truth in your experiences … and then share it.  Live and celebrate your lives first. And then tell that story.  Focus on the feelings … and what makes that moment remarkable.

Someone asked me how I write captions.  I envision a close family member who called me or wrote me and asked: “how was your day?”.  I envision the conversations going - oh you’ll never guess what happened today. My post might encapsulate a moment in that day. And my  Instagram stories might document it.

I try to be as conversational as possible.  

My first readers were actually my family members.  My godson is who I wrote for. He loved my dogs and wanted to know what they were up to.  So I wrote for him. I still do.

People come to social media because they want to be entertained.  They want to have fun. And they want to be seen.

A lot of accounts play it safe on social media.  Not that they have to bare it all. But I do sense that some accounts don’t like to share too much.  Which is a shame. Because when you are brave and vulnerable and show the human side of you … you give others to do the same.  And in that space …. when someone says .. “I see you” that’s when the magical connections happen.

Who are your favorite dogs or dog moms to follow?

It would have to be Maggie’s fiancé - @bostonterrierpuppy - we have a connection that started from the beginning.  We’d call each other and compare notes as to what to do with our puppies when they ate this or that or had upset tummies.

I also love following @life.as.cohen - his mom works at PetCo and they live in San Diego which is arguably the most pet-friendly city in the US.  She’s real and she’s hilarious in how she tells her stories.

And then a tie between three: @frenchieleo @wtfrenchie and @allthingspups who are all petpreuners … but they are dog moms first.  I know them personally - they live in San Diego and Los Angeles.  And all three are top dog moms dedicated to the health and well-being of their dogs who have become an inspiration for how they created their lives.

Interestingly enough as I read over my lists … the common theme is that behind all of these social media accounts I list are because I have formed friendships with the people behind the accounts.  And it’s those face to face relationships that endear them to me.

Make sure you that you follow along with this amazing trio and watch them take to San Diego and beyond at @maggielovesorbit! Also, make sure to follow @barkcommunity to get the best tips and tricks on growing your social!