10 Things To Do On Your Dogs Birthday!

Us dog moms like to celebrate our fur-babies every chance we get, and we want to make them feel special and loved as much as we can! If you know your pups birthday or barkday then that's the perfect day to go above and beyond to spoiled the F out of your ball of fur, and if you don't know you pups birthday, then just use their Gotcha day! We have come up with some fun ideas to help you celebrate another year with your bestie!


  1. Make them the best breakfast EVER, every pup loves to wake up and eat! So why not on their special day, make them some pup-cakes (recipe here), or some eggs with their favorite choice of meat!

  2. Go on a dog park tour, if you live in a city with a lot of parks, then make a day of it! Hit up as many dog runs or off leash parks you can find in one day! Make sure to take photos for the gram!

  3. Take a road trip, this is the perfect excuse to go on that camping trip or the lake that you keep putting off. Pack the car and head out of the city for a few days to let you put take in the fresh air and to get a little R&R!  

  4. Go to an agility class, if you have an active dog that never seems to get it all out, then this is the best gift ever! Sign your ball of energy up for an agility class or a dock-diving class! You might just find a new hobby for you both to enjoy together!

  5. Take them to the store and let them pick out their gift, this might be your pups favorite, take them to the biggest and best pet store in your town, then let your pup pick out any toy or toys they want!

  6. Treat them to a spa day, this might not be for every pup, for the ones that like to be groomed and pampered, this is your gift! Give them a full day of baths, blowouts and rub downs!

  7. Have a movie night! There is nothing pups love more than to just lay next to you and cuddle up. So take the night, pup on A Dog's Purpose, have treats ready for both of you and curl up on the couch!

  8. Go on a playdate! Does your dog have a BFF they don't get to see all of the time? Surprise them with a playdate! Meet up and spend the day watching your dog and their bestie rolls around together for hours!

  9. Make them homemade treats and let them treat test them all, this would def be our pups fav! Make all those DIYs you have been dying to try and let your dog be the judge of your cooking skills! (Good luck)

  10. Throw them a PAWty! Go all OUT, invite all the dog moms you know and their fur-babies, make dog-friendly treats, dog-themed human treats, get all the toys out and PAWTY it up! Have a photo-booth so you can give everyone a reason to post and share your pups special day!