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Cruize'n In Style - Stylish Accessories for a Dog Gone Good Cause

You’re wearing a beautiful and silky Spring dress that’s billowing in the warm wind. You are dressed to the nines and daydream about hopping on the runway and feeling like you belong. Because with an outfit like this one, you definitely belong. That is how I imagine my dogs feel when they’re in Cruize'n In Style accessories. These beautifully crafted pieces are made with high quality fabrics and materials, top notch sewing techniques, and some serious love.

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Poppy Parker Market

We ALL know you’re throwing the best Christmas Party 2017 has ever seen! Oh, no? Well, you're DEFINITELY going to take super cute Christmas photos (yep, plural!) of your pup and show said photos to everyone you know! Whether you're throwing the parties or decking the paws with bows of holly (see what I did there?), your dog HAS to be in the cutest neckwear this time of year! Poppy Parker Market is THE place to shop for the perfect Christmas collar, bow tie, and bandanas!

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Hello Hazel Co.

I’ve never been more obsessed with an accessory for Abbie and Gunner… EVER! Hello Hazel Co's pieces are handmade with beautiful, quality materials. They are sure to turn every head at any special occasion!

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