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4Knines - Premium Pet Seat Covers

There is nothing more annoying than riding with your gals to brunch, only to find out you have dog hair all over your carefully chosen ensemble. I know that some dog mom’s think dog hair is the equivalent of sparkly glitter, but there’s a time and a place for each of these, ya know? And neither dog hair nor glitter belong on a fashion-forward gal or in her vehicle.

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Cruize'n In Style - Stylish Accessories for a Dog Gone Good Cause

You’re wearing a beautiful and silky Spring dress that’s billowing in the warm wind. You are dressed to the nines and daydream about hopping on the runway and feeling like you belong. Because with an outfit like this one, you definitely belong. That is how I imagine my dogs feel when they’re in Cruize'n In Style accessories. These beautifully crafted pieces are made with high quality fabrics and materials, top notch sewing techniques, and some serious love.

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