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LM Dog Designs - Fashion for Everyone

So, there I was searching through Etsy for a new scarf for myself and BAM! I saw matching scarves for people and pups. LM Dog Designs caught my eye out of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I viewed that day. That’s when you know you’ve found something really amazing; when something stands out amongst the masses!

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Howl + Hound

Personally when “dressing” Drake, I have an image I want him to uphold. He needs a  bandana that doesn’t follow the normal fashion trends and ultimately stands out from the rest. Basically- I’ve been hunting for an Urban Outfitters store for dogs and Howl + Hound was my answer, only better! 

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Ripley & Rue

Us Gal’s have come across Ripley & Rue; the company that helps your pup dress to the nines every time you hit the street. With a bandana to match every outfit you own, not to mention coordinate with every holiday, your dog will be #instafamous in no time!

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