LM Dog Designs - Fashion for Everyone

So, there I was searching through Etsy for a new scarf for myself and BAM! I saw matching scarves for people and pups. LM Dog Designs caught my eye out of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I viewed that day. That’s when you know you’ve found something really amazing; when something stands out amongst the masses! I reached out to the shop owner, Feodosia, and asked to interview her. I’m happy to report that she said yes! Woo hoo!

How did you get started?

I started my shop because I’ve always loved accessorizing my own dogs. I thought, “Why not just make my own?”. After making them, I started getting others interested in them and multiple people asking if I had a shop. No way did I even think to open something up until finally, I did. It took me a while to figure out my style and what I wanted in it, LOTS of trial and error. I thrive to make high-quality products at an affordable price for people, like me, who want to style their dog without breaking the bank.


Tell us about your pups!

I have two dogs; Luna is a 4-year-old Lab/Boxer mix and Maisy is a 3-year-old Husky/Akita mix. I’ve had both since they were pups They’re only a few months apart and INSEPARABLE! Luna is very needy and knows no personal space, as where Maisy is very reserved. Total opposites from each other but definitely complete each other. The Yin to the other’s Yang.


What and who influence your work?

I get motivation from everything/everyone. My customers and followers, styles I see online, dogs on the street, trying to keep up with trends and seasons. I stay inspired by my feedback. Makes me beyond happy and thrilled when people tell me how much they love my products. My favorite thing is seeing photos of their dogs in it and just think, “Wow I made that!”. They took the time to take photos and give a shout-out. A certain company that helps me want to better my own is @hootandco. The founder/owner of that shop is always going above and beyond, adding new styles, always being crafty. It makes me want to do the same with my own company and I need to tell myself “THERE IS NO LIMIT” to what you can do. I’m just still trying to figure out my shop myself. I feel lost at times but I know these things take time. Definitely passionate about my work and my dogs! Dogs have always been a favorite of mine and my life isn’t complete without them.


What is another dog brand you love and why?

One of the companies I LOVE is @caninehabits. Their tags are AMAZING! Customer service and quality were just wonderful! So many styles to choose from.

A few things I love about Feodosia and her shop are that she was swift in her replies, gave tremendous customer service and was delightful to talk with, she creates beautiful and quality pieces and even shows you what to pair with the accessories, and her pieces are SO soft! But also, her shop is budget friendly! No wonder she has 5 stars from 145 reviews!


So, what will be your first purchase? Matching scarves for you and your pup? Or will your pups have matching bandanas and bow ties? OR will you match your baby to your dogs? That's my favorite! SHOP HERE! And tag @gals.best.friend and @l.m.dogdesigns in your posts!