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Playology - Naturally Scented Dog Toys

It’s nose-urprise that dogs have mighty sniffers. But did you know that dogs have 80% fewer taste buds than humans do and 10,000x more powerful noses than humans do?! That’s right! Our puppers experience the world through scent! And, boooy, do we have a new fave dog company for them!

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Atticus' Own

Sometimes in life, we experience dilemmas. And 90% of the time those dilemmas have to do with dogs. Am I right?!  I might need help figuring this one out, pawrents. Okay, here goes…

Which one do I love more? Do I love watching my dogs enjoy Atticus’ Own treats or do I love scrolling through Atticus’ Own Instagram and seeing how much fun Bradford (owner and certified pet nutritionist) has with his pups and company?! Seriously, I’m obsessed with the pictures of Bradford and his Weims!!! They have SO much fun and their pictures are contagious with happiness!

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