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Unicorns, Tequila, and Cupcakes OH MY!

There is nothing that my dogs love better than a new toy. Like for real, they would rather have a brand new toy with tags still on it over a fresh bag of cheese. Yeah, I know… they are an odd bunch. When I am looking for new toys for the crew, I first want to make sure that they are safe, big enough to last more than an hour or so and most of all CUTE. You know I need to get that pic for the gram! ZippyPaws is one of our go-to’s!

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Playology - Naturally Scented Dog Toys

It’s nose-urprise that dogs have mighty sniffers. But did you know that dogs have 80% fewer taste buds than humans do and 10,000x more powerful noses than humans do?! That’s right! Our puppers experience the world through scent! And, boooy, do we have a new fave dog company for them!

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