The Leash For Every Pup- Atlas Pet Company!


Finding the right leash and collar can be such a struggle sometimes, with so many options out there it can be very overwhelming, weather you are looking at that new pet store in Soho, or you are browsing the internet till 3AM. There is a lot and they are all so cute! I have a slight problem, I am obsessed with leashes and collars for my crew. It might be because I have my own obsession with shoes and I need my dogs to have that same satisfaction to have options, my boyfriends thinks I have totally lost it and I am pretty sure he is 100% right, but whateva.

One night I was doing a little dog shopping stocking, looking for the next brand I was going to have a deep love for and I came across Atlas. Let me start by saying we are not crazy about Atlas Pet Company because the founder is a cute AF dog dad, even though that does add a few bonus points! For real though y'all, these collars and leashes are amazing! They are made with ultra-premium materials that are used for sailing and other manly things, so they are as strong as it gets. Sam, (the cute puppy baby daddy) is the founder along with his adorable lab Atlas. They are both very active and they both needed something that would withstand their very active and outdoor lifestyle! We asked Sam some questions about how he got started, his love story with Atlas and what keeps them both going! See their answers below.

How did you get started?

I had created an Instagram for Atlas when he was a puppy where I'd post a daily photo of his adventures (under @atlasdaily). After about 2 years with the profile,  I started making a few leashes for myself and friends before the holiday season. They quickly asked for more to give to friends & family for gifts, and I decided to post some pictures to IG to see what followers thought. I had a lot of positive feedback, and the business was born in December 2015.

Tell us about your pups!

Atlas is a 4 year old Labrador Retriever. He came from a family farm In Loveland, Colorado where a high-school girl had decided to breed puppies from the neighbor's champion hunting dog. Atlas came from the first litter and I was running another business when I got him so we spent everyday together so he's incredibly friendly and well behaved. The day after I brought him home, my best friend had passed away, and Atlas was incredibly helpful during that time, and is a huge reason for my motivation to get outside and make the most of every day. He's equally happy at the beach or running through the snow, and loves the Chuck-it (but isn't allowed to have tennis balls after swallowing one two years ago).

Any others that influence your work?

Breeze Turner & Andrew Muse were some of my earliest inspiration and I'm thankful to have worked with them as the business grows. I also love to follow Chris Burkard for photography, Alex Borsuk for adventures with her pup Otto, and Chris Benchetler for his ski videos and vanlife.

What keeps you inspired?

Seeing incredible photos of customer's pups on adventures. The community I've met through Instagram is absolutely incredible and I love seeing all the photos. Outside of that, I originally started the IG as an excuse to spend more time with my dog, and now I've been able to quit the 9-5 and pursue something I love. I couldn't be more thankful for everyone's support.

Check out this great video of the two!


If you are in the market for new set or you are like me and just need another set just because, then please check out Atlas Pet Company! They offer every color in the rainbow, and they have a lifetime warranty, so you know it is money well spent!