The Tags Every Pup Needs!

I am all for a good dog pun! That’s a lie, I actually live for them. There is just something about funny sayings that you know your dog is thinking and is waiting to learn English so they can just say them out loud and be the life of the PAWty! But until that day comes, we just get to see them on our Instagram feed or on Facebook. Well, that was until Rebel Dawg changed our world and put them on our dogs’ ID tags! Not only are these tags funny and cheeky AF, but they are made in so many fun color combinations, including GLITTER, y’all! Our fav color!!! LOL. They are amazing quality and are super lightweight and don’t jingle every time your dog moves an inch! Stacie is the genius behind this creative and badass brand but she is also the sweetest hooman on the earth. I truly love being around her and watching Rebel Dawg kill it all over the world! Stacie came from a fashion background, like myself, and left it for the dog world. HELLO!! We are basically dog mom soulmates! We got to ask Stacie a few questions about her amazing brand and we think you’ll rather enjoy her answers.

Tell us about your pups!

Charlie and Mika, they're Japanese Chins. Charlie is a handsome, 13.5 yr old Lemon Chin, we became attached at the hip when he was 3 months old, he saved my Shepherd Sophie (and myself) from a broken heart after her brother of 15 yrs passed. He’s sweet, loves snax, naps & sniffing around. Charlie heads up Customer Service and has received a 5 star rating, makes a mother proud. Mika is a 3yr old Tri Color Chin. We call her Mika the Menace. She has turned our lives upside down since the minute we got her, 3 lbs of pure moxie. Within her first year she developed uncontrollable Epilepsy. We made the decision I had to stay home with her to figure out the right protocol so she could live a healthy life (plus I got to be with Charlie 24/7 which was pretty awesome). So I left corporate life and started freelancing, my background is fashion accessories. While I was looking for quiet tags for Mika (the jingle is not great for epilepsy), I quickly realized, if I wanted something, quiet, stylish, cheeky and fully-customizable, I had to make it myself. So I did. Went through rounds of testing designs and materials, on Mika and Charlie plus a few other puppers, and Rebel Dawg was created! Best part is, Mika is is doing so well, she was able to become the Style Director at Rebel Dawg, she’s the one that dreams up all the glitter and creates all the combos.


What and who influence your work?

My pups, and the pups & parents I meet daily! I’m pretty lucky!



What is another dog brand you love and why?

There are several, but two stand out for me. Eye of the Dog is just spectacular, I feel like Rebel Dawg & Eye Of The Dog are a glam dream for dogs (or their parents)!  I also love Billy Wolf, polar opposite of Eye Of The Dog, but Billy Wolfs classic prints and materials pair so well with our classic shapes and colors.

What keeps you inspired?

The reactions/photos/communication from our customers, and I feel uncomfortable saying customers, because everyone that we have created tags for have been incredibly wonderful to work with. The response has been so exciting, and seeing the creativity everyone has is the best inspiration I could ever ask for. Again! Very lucky!

What is new for your company?

Oh my gosh! SO MUCH! Of course GLITTER! We have some insane colors we’ll be adding, some very cool new collections will be dropping very soon. Killer partnerships, more customization, the list goes on! It’s beyond amazing! We could not be happier!

Here are some of Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba’s favorite tags!

We have a Rebel Dawg tag on each collar we have, and if you know us, that’s a lot. They just add a little something extra to every walk and we get so many compliments and questions about them! They are SUCH a huge hit! I highly recommend not just getting one, but a whole collection of Rebel Dawg to add to your pup’s swag! Use promo code GBFLOVE15

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