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Everything You Need To Walk Your Dog

When your a dog mom, every day is a park day. It’s inevitable, rain or shine, cold or hot- you’re going to take your dog for a stroll. So we thought, if we’re going to do it, we better do it right. From leashes and collars to poop bags, we’ve thought of everything you’ll need to not only be prepared but fashionable when you walk that walk (see what I did there).

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Banded Pines - For the Adventurers

Y’ALL! I have found the most durable and eye-catching collars, bandanas, and leads on the dog market! If you have a crazy pup that destroys every other collar and bandana with dirt, mud, rough housing, and adventuring, THIS is the post for you! And they even have a lifetime warranty! (Gasping in amazement!)

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Why We Love MiaCara!

Okay, let me start by saying I know that I have an addiction and that I love leashes and collars. Like a little too much, especially since I physically can’t wear them. But there is just something about me having options for the crew every day makes my little dog mom heart very happy. Okay, with that being said, I only post about companies that I truly love

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