Bark. Bark. Goose. The Bandanas Every Pup Needs!

So we gals love bandanas for our pups because, well, who doesn't?! And we are always on the lookout for the newest and freshest out there! When we find it, we go full on #crazydogmom on it. When we found Bark. Bark. Goose, we realized that our expectations just got raised 10 more levels we didn’t know existed. First, the quality of these bandanas is like nothing else out there! They are made with the softest fabric, the stitching is just beautiful, and add that on to the patterns… Amazing! Oh, did I mention that the owner also has Border Collies? Not like I’m biased or anything… but it does make the company just a little more special. We got to ask Christine, the badass dog mom behind this brand, a few questions about her booming new business.

How did you get started?

We noticed a gap in the ability to purchase quality bandanas on Amazon. Everything of superior quality was being sold direct from a brand's website (and made to order) or was being sold on

Etsy (and also, made to order). You can't buy anything designer and receive it in 2 days! Some bandanas we wanted took up to a month for delivery and we just can't wait that long! We are all about that instant gratification shopping, so we created Bark.Bark.Goose.

Tell us about your dogs?

When we started Bark.Bark.Goose. my 'shop dog' was Bailey. Sweet old lady passed away in December, so to honor her memory, we adopted another rescue -- Goose! We have Stella (5) and Goose (3 months). They are both part border collie (we call them "quarter collies") and were adopted from local rescues in Colorado that focus on herding breeds. They're high energy and so much fun! We do lots of tricks, training for mental stimulation, running, swimming, hiking, camping, and backpacking. They LOVE to be outside.

What and who influence your work?

My mom is my biggest influence. She taught me to sew and encouraged me to pursue a degree in Apparel Design for my bachelor's degree. She joined me in the company just two months after I started it in my Brooklyn apartment, and now we are both in Colorado and spend most weekends sewing, finishing, and packaging bandanas at one of our homes. We both have full-time jobs, and Bark.Bark.Goose. is a side hustle for us. But we made it work and it continues to grow every month.

What is another dog brands do you love and why?

I'm obsessed with Banded Pines. They are a dog bandana (and leash and collar) company that has created mess-resistant dog bandanas. They use some kind of magic proprietary fabric and stain guard that allows even the messiest of dogs to keep their accessories looking clean and sharp. At Bark.Bark.Goose, we ensure all our fabric is machine washable on warm -- so if you do experience some mud or stains, you can toss them in the wash! We're not quite Banded Pines level of mess-resistant, but we admire their dedication to creating a product that the messiest of dogs can't destroy!

What is new for your company?

As we head into year two, we've completely reimagined our packaging, our holiday release schedule, and our cork-leather tags. We've made certain practices less time consuming on our end, and magically, they've made the bandanas more durable for you! We've figured out what holidays and seasons you care about most, so we can make sure to be fully stocked in time for your pup to be festive all year around.

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