The Training App Everyone Needs By The Ultimate Puppy Baby Mama!

Okay, we all know there is nothing I love more than Border Collies (don’t tell Rumba). There is just something about this breed that pulls at my heartstrings and I am not sure what it is... Maybe it is the fact they are literally like little people with 4 legs and fur? Or maybe it is how emotional they are? Whatever it is, I am totally obsessed with it. So much that when I am walking down the street in New York and I see a Border Collie, I run, push people out of the way, jump in front of ubers and do what I can to get a pet and ask the owner if they want to exchange information and be best friends. Yes, I really do this. And yes, I have made some friends and probably freaked a few out but it's totally worth it.

When I first came across @thesupercollies a few years ago, I was automatically obsessed and was sending photos and videos to my boyfriend multiple times a day. I also knew that their mom, Sara, should also probably be my best friend. When they went on America’s Got Talent, I was so pumped to watch a show that I have never watched in my life. The Super Collies are basically every dog mom’s dream!

Then Sara, their mom, did the best thing ever. She came out with an app that helps you teach your pups every skill they need and every trick that her and her 5, that's right 5 amazing border collies do! I automatically downloaded the app and got every package! My favorite thing about the app is that it shows you, step-by-step, with photos what to do. She makes it so easy and fun for both you and your dog. There is also a built-in clicker!

We had the chance to ask Sara some questions about her background, her and her dogs love story, her favorite brands and what's coming up for Puppr!

How did you get started with dog training?

I started training dogs when I was 8 years old. I was watching Youtube videos and found Zak George’s training videos. I studied his content and implemented a lot of his methods. Once I started to train I opened my own dog training business at the age of 15-20. I have since gotten a degree in graphic design, visited every state in the USA ( excluding Alaska) and currently reside in California.

What is your and Heros love story?

Well, I was ready to get another dog upon moving and I fell in love with Hero’s photo on an advertisement online. He was the last puppy available on a farm and I just had to have him! I never met him and when we met it was basically love at first sight. We clicked right away.

Your favorite thing about border collies?

There drive to work - not really to please their owner but to work and have a job. That’s my favorite thing about them.

Your 3 fav dog brands?

Ohhh this is a tuff one -  


Julius K9

And I would have to say NULO for dog food and treats!

What's next for Puppr School?

Hopefully some VERY exciting features. So far the app is a huge success and we only want to continue to grow it!!

3 things you wish people knew when training their dogs.

Honestly after working on a movie with children as my dog's co-stars. I think the 3 most important things to know are that patience is key. Especially with a dog that is just learning new behaviors.

Any form of touch is a reward for a dog. If you asked the dog to sit and he doesn’t. You don’t want to touch the dog “ petting or putting him into a sit” simply use the leash for guidance or lure with a treat.

Find what motivates your dog best. Toys are only exciting for some dogs! Treats and your dog's food can be built up to motivate any dog.

If you have ever wanted to teach your dog how to sit, sit pretty, jump through your arms, jump rope or basically do anything cool then do yourself a favor and download the Puppr app today! Also, make sure you follow Sara at @thesupercolliesmom and her pups at @thesupercollies if you don't already. And get ready to be totally obsessed with all 6 of them!