New York's first dog cafe, Boris + Horton is a NYC must do!

Let me start by saying that I have been waiting for this to happen for some time now. I actually wanted to do it myself about two years ago, but I didn't have the courage to actually do it! I am so happy that someone else did though. Boris and Horton is the first dog- friendly cafe here in New York City. Yup, that’s right, 100% dog-friendly, no more leaving your pup at home, tying them up or just simply not going anymore. Boris and Horton are located in East Village in New York City, the PAWfect location, right down the street from a very popular dog park and around the corner from a dog-friendly bar!

Boris and Horton are owned and ran by the sweetest duo, a father, and daughter with a common mission for people to spend more time with their pups. The idea came to them when they were both working together at another company, and they both saw something missing in the coffee market…. dogs. So they took a leap of faith and are taking over the Lower East Side one cup of joe (or glass of wine) at a time. Everything about Boris and Horton is just as dreamy as it sounds. The feel when you walk in is automatically welcoming and not only by the off-leash pups greeting you but the humans working there is such a delight!

How it works:

If you have your fur-baby with you when you go to the side window and order your coffee and avocado toast (which is to die for), after you get your goods, you go through the door on the “dog side” , take a seat, let your dog off leash (if they are friendly and listen well) and enjoy! They also offer dog treats so your pup can enjoy as well!  If you are there to just enjoy the pups you can either do the above and go sit with the pups, or you can go in the human side, order and eat in there. There is a glass was separating the two sides so you won't miss the pups running around on the other side.

One of my favorite things about Boris and Horton is their love to for the dog community here in New York. They are ALWAYS hosting adoption events, dogs birthday parties and pop-ups for local dog companies! Logan and her dad get it, and they know that this community is tight and it takes helping each other to watch pups take over NYC one paw at a time.

Boris and Horton have thought of everything for this one of a kind spot! They have a great photo-booth on the pup side so you can document the experience with your 4-legged bestie. They also have an amazing retail wall full of some of our favorite brands that you can’t find in the big-box stores like Dog + Bone, Rebel Dawg, and Little L’s! If you are in the NYC area and you have yet to make it to Boris and Horton, make sure you get there fast, bring your pup for either a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a snack then head down the street to Tompkins Square Park Dog Run!