Darwin's Raw Dog Food: Digging In!

If you haven’t read our first impressions of Darwin’s food, check it out here before continuing to read this post! When we first started feeding Darwin’s to Abbie and Gunner, they went crazy for it as if they keyed into their wolf instincts! They LOVED it! After a few days they were like, “Okay well, what else can I sucker humom into giving us?” Just kidding! But I did some research and found some ways to change it up every few days to always keep the dogs guessing and wanting more!


We’re going to dive into our favorite combinations, how to store the food, how to properly feed it to your dogs, and ways to add flavor if your dog is extra picky!


Let’s get this straight though - Darwin’s has everything your pup needs and wants in one package! Anything we add to it is just for picky eaters (or picky humoms that like to change things up!).



Receiving the food was easy peasy (besides the box being heavy with goodies, of course!) because Darwin’s uses reliable carriers to ship the food. It all came frozen (nothing was ever melted or thawed the slightest bit) and ready to be stored in our freezer! We only left a couple packages in the fridge to thaw for the following days. Every time we feed a couple packages we replace them with a couple others from the freezer.




I don’t need to heat the food or prep it in any way! After it’s thawed, I simply open the package and throw it into their dog bowls! After they’ve gobbled it down, I clean the bowl and it’s ready for the next meal!




One of Abbie and Gunner’s absolute FAVORITE combinations is one package of Darwin’s turkey with one package of Darwin’s duck plus some chicken bone broth! It’s our own little Turducken meal!


But for those doggos who are picky eaters, I found that bone broth, holistic mushroom powder, probiotics, and seameal are amazing supplements to add! We also add a sliced carrot and raw egg, including the egg shell, to their meals. It’s like adding dessert to a balanced dinner; not necessary, but always a treat! I’m sure your dog will devour their meals just as Abbie and Gunner do!



Abbie and Gunner have had a seamless transition from their old food to Darwin’s raw dog food line. It’s easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious for the dogs, and Darwin’s offers a few different lines to match your budget.


We are loving Darwin’s food thus far and cannot wait to continue them on this amazing diet! Get your dog started today, and join us on this healthy journey!!