Dog Lovers Bucket List!

2018 is the Year Of The Dog right? Not really sure what that means, but I am totally into it! I also told myself that 2018 was the year of travel for myself (and my pups). I want to see as much as I can this year because I will be turning 30 at the end of the year and I am praying to God that I will be married and have babies in the near future (babies that don’t have fur)!

I am the kinda person that wants to go everywhere with my dogs and if it is impossible for them to come then I want to go somewhere that I can see other dogs… I know y'all feel me! Below are my some of my favorite dog-friendly or dog-based vacation spots all over the world for all us crazy dog lovers! If there is anything that I missed PLEASE comment below and let me know! I would love to add it to my bucket list!

Potcake Place

For all my island babes, this one is totally for you! Potcake Place is a non-profit rescue group based in Turks and Caicos. They have a constant stream of puppies needing socialization and adoption. You can come by and take a puppy out to the beach and roll around in the sand with them…. This is my dream! As y’all know this is basically how I got my dog Rumba in Dominican Republic so be prepared to come back home with a dog.


Territorio de Zaguates

The Land of Stray in Costa Rica, is basically what I can only imagine Heaven being like. This non-profit located in Costa Rica, is the home to over 900+ dogs! That’s right NINE HUNDRED PLUS! You can go for the day and go on hikes with these babes, love on them and help out at the rescue! You can also TAKE ONE HOME!!!!! If my boyfriend is reading this, PLEASE take me here!

Westminster Show NYC

I had the pleasure of going to the Meet & Greet and Agility show this year, and to tell you it was by far the best day of 2018 for me so far would be an understatement. They have almost every breed of dog there for you learn about, snuggle on and give kisses too! You can also stick around for the agility competitions and watch these dogs kill it on the course! There is also the Best Of Show!

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, New York City

If you live in New York City, or if you have ever wanted to visit please makes sure to plan you trip around the Tompkins Square Dog Parade! There is about 1000 dogs and owners dressed to the T in the most amazing mostly handmade costumes for as far as the eye can see!

The Annual Golden Retriever Festival at Guisachan Guest House in central Scotland

For all my Goldie lovers! This one's for you! The gathering will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Golden Retriever breed at Guisachan House by Lord Tweedmouth. There are competing between the pups, networking with other golden lovers and just a bunch of Goldens running around!

Surf Dog

Dogs. Beach. Surfing.  I think that’s all I really have to say about this one. Every year in Huntington Beach and Imperial Beach California there is a HUGE dog surfing competition. Pretty much, we should all be trying to find a way to get to this one!

Dog Bark Park

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a hotel located in Idaho. The hotel is built in the shape of a beagle, making it a famous landmark in the state. So basically you are staying in a hotel that is in the shape of a dog. If you are every driving cross country or if you are ever in Idaho make sure you stay here for a night or two! Who doesn't want to stay in a dog themed hotel??

Glen Highland Getaway

So Glen Highland Farms, might be my favorite place ever! The Glen Highland Farm Getaway is 175 acres of off-leash doggy heaven. Endless trails, ponds, grass fields, balls and smells that your pup will go crazy for. When I say that Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba had the best 3 days of their lives, that would be a 100% of an understatement. Glen Highland Farms has everything you could ever dream of for your four-legged fur-baby! From the moment you get there to the sad drive out, you are in puppy paradise! You can rent RVs, Cabins, and even Teepees to stay in!

Canine Camp Getaway

Think summer camp 92 but with your dog. Yup thats what Canine Camp Getaway is all about! Created for dogs and dog lovers, Canine Camp Getaway of NY is the ultimate dog-friendly vacation, filled with wonderful activities you can share with your four-legged best friend. From agility, Frisbee, hiking and swimming in the dog-friendly pool to lure coursing, scent detection, “Barks & Crafts” and classes in Canine CPR, dog nutrition and so much more, this resort vacation offers something for everyone!

K9 Routemaster

So London has been on my bucket list ever since I've seen The Parent Trap! And now the K9 Routemater has made my dreams come true with being able to bring my fur-babies along for the ride too! Launched in January 2017, the customized London double decker bus, naturally named the K9 Routemaster, departs three times a day (10am, 12pm and 2pm)! Once aboard, kick back and enjoy a 90-minute tour of the best doggy spots the capital has to offer