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Dog Lovers Bucket List!

2018 is the Year Of The Dog right? Not really sure what that means, but I am totally into it! I also told myself that 2018 was the year of travel for myself (and my pups). I want to see as much as I can this year because I will be turning 30 at the end of the year and I am praying to God that I will be married and have babies in the near future (babies that don’t have fur)!

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Topping Rose House

There is nothing like going away for the weekend, and there is really nothing like going with your fur-babies. Every-time I go out of town without at least one of my pups I truly do feel empty, so when I get to go with all of them or at least 2 of them my heart is so full. One of our favorite places to go is out east to The Hamptons.

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NYLO Hotel- A Place For Dog Lovers

If you have a dog in your family then you know how difficult it can be to plan any sort of vacation, big or small. Boarding costs are outrageous and I personally hate asking friends and family to dog sit (even if Drake is the perfect guest). Besides, no one really likes leaving their dog somewhere while their off cruising the open road and enjoying themselves.  #dogmomguilt

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