LivanoPET - The Supplement of Your Dog's Dreams

If you are in the search for supplements that give fast, noticeable results, and supplements that your fur baby will actually enjoy taking, you’ve come to the right place! We have found an amazing product that will fit your wants and your dog’s needs! They are extremely easy for you to administer and they are super delicious for your dog to consume.

It may sound too good to be true, but I promise you it is not! LivanoPET has made it their mission to make great products at an affordable price (Hallelujah! It’s a dog mom’s dream!). So, what makes this company stand out from the rest? First, LivanoPET knows that it all starts with the product and their products work on a cellular level to give the best and most effective results. I mean, they would just be unable to build a great brand without a solid foundation of great, tasty supplements!

All LivanoPET products are developed in close collaboration with specialists in Germany and afterward are produced in the United States by top manufacturers that work under good manufacturing practice (GMP) and are all FDA registered.

Rumba is smelling the delicious supplements.

Rumba is smelling the delicious supplements.

To stay true to their roots (pun intended), LivanoPET is always on the search for the best, freshest, and most natural ingredients around the world! And if you know any of us gals, you know that we want products that are as natural as possible. That is why we love LivanoPET! They stay as close to nature as possible when selecting ingredients! Their Omega Oil is directly from the Alaskan Sea! You can’t get closer to nature than fish oil from the Alaskan Sea, I mean come on! All LivanoPET products are developed in Germany and manufactured in the United States.

LivanoPET doesn’t just believe in using natural ingredients, they also believe in giving back. To give more insight on who they are and what they stand for, we interviewed Mark Alan Sauer, the founder of LivanoPET. We could not be more thrilled to share this company with you! Enjoy getting to know him like we did.

Mark and his two dogs, Rocky and Balu.

Mark and his two dogs, Rocky and Balu.

How did you get started in this industry?

I grew up with dogs and had a great time. I basically combined my love and passion for dogs with my occupation (building e-commerce brands). So it was just a matter of time until a dog project would start. I love it.

Tell us about your pet(s)!

I attached a picture of me and my boys Rocky (1 y/o) and Balu. (5 y/o). Rocky is a mixture between a Labrador and an Italian watchdog. Balu is a mixture between Labrador and Mastiff. Rocky is kind of the crazy big guy that likes to play, run, be wild... but he has such a warm heart and character. Balu has been disabled since his birth with big problems on his spine and feet... we have worked closely with veterinarians... so far, he is doing well despite having problems walking. But like Rocky, he is such a great warm hearted dog that likes to cuddle like he was 3 months old.

What and who influence your work?

Referring to LivanoPET, Balu influences my work a lot. He motivates me every day. Beside that it is my family and the big goal to develop the best products and them sold all around the world to generate value for my customers. My biggest motivation is to make customers happy, on the product and service side.

What is/are your favorite dog brands and why?As a German, I have to differentiate between US Brands and German brands. US: Blue Buffalo. Not just because my dogs are obsessed with it but also because I am working in the dog industry so I know what a good product represents. The ingredients are great and the family background of the company makes them likable.

What is new for LivanoPET in 2019? We launched Q4 2018, so we were busy with pre-branding and getting people familiar with the brand. Due to the immensely positive response, we will go all in. Not just developing new products in the supplement space, we are working on our own Dog food line. My personal focus on the customer. Our biggest aspiration is that we have satisfied people buying products from LivanoPET. This should be complemented with the most focused customer service you can imagine. We want to keep the communication as close as possible. Sure, another goal is to push our branding further on all online channels to build a great dog community in the US. We are currently talking to some offline distributors but we will see if we are a good fit. I know E-Commerce and would like to build here for a couple of years before thinking about anything else.

LivanoPET currently offers three types of supplements:

Abbie is patiently waiting for her daily Calm & Relax supplement.

Abbie is patiently waiting for her daily Calm & Relax supplement.


You hear of more and more dogs suffering from a range of anxiety issues, hyperactive or aggressive behavior, and the list goes on and on. These behaviors and ailments cause stressful feelings for dogs and dog owners and can even lead to unwanted vet bills.

LivanoPET has formulated bacon-flavored Calming Bites that help alleviate these feelings and help defuse stressful situations. Whether your dog suffers from separation or social anxiety, nervousness when riding in the car, or temperament issues, these Calming Bites will help stimulate their brain waves to promote relaxation with no drowsy effect. And guess what! They use natural and organic ingredients that are suitable for dogs of all sizes and of all ages! These bacon-flavored chewables are a great remedy to encourage natural comfort and relaxing relief for dog and dog owner.

Snag your Calming Bitestoday!

Pharrell loves his LivanoPET Hip and Joint supplements.

Pharrell loves his LivanoPET Hip and Joint supplements.


It is so important to support and protect your dog’s joint health. Even if your dog is not super active like mine are, you need to use supplements to ease any potential discomfort and improve their overall mobility. These little nuggets are jam packed with amazing ingredients to help give your dog comfort throughout his/her whole life.

LivanoPET ensures maximum potency because they use cold-press intrusion to make their Hip & Joint chews, which preserves the integrity of the ingredients! That means you don’t lose the benefits of the ingredients due to heat or other extreme processing!

LivanoPET’s Hip & Joint support is perfect for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. Give your pup relief from pain caused by aging, hip dysplasia, arthritis, or even just soreness from playing or hiking! Their formula is designed to reduce inflammation, lubricate joints, and repair cartilage. A daily dose of their canine glucosamine will help increase your dog’s energy levels, improve their mobility, and improve their overall joint health, allowing them to live their happiest and healthiest life, all while being free of pain!

Stop wasting your time and money on hip and joint formulas that don’t work or ones that you have to fight your dog to take! LivenoPET’s Hip & Joint formula works and all of their products have a risk-free guarantee!

Grab your Hip & Joint Supplements to see why they’re one of the top-rated supplements for dogs!

Dallas knows there’s something delicious on the other side of this container… And it’s good for him too!

Dallas knows there’s something delicious on the other side of this container… And it’s good for him too!


This all-in-One health supplement solution supports your dog’s body from the inside, out. This supplement is designed to aid in a healthy digestive tract, healthy skin and shiny coat, healthy joint-function, and the appropriate amount of vitamin and mineral intake. This tasty, soft chew is one that your dog will be begging to take each day! This supplement is formulated by veterinarians, manufactured in the United States in an FDA approved facility.

Seriously, this supplement is the one-stop-shop for your pup’s health needs!

Fill your cart with LivanoPET’s All-in-One solution! Be sure to add some for your dog mom friends as well!

Before you check out on their website or on Amazon, be sure to use code “LivanoPETgo” to receive a Gal’s Best Friend discount of 20% off your LivanoPET purchase!

LivanoPET has a goal to provide a wide range of premium dog products over the next months and years. Their products range from treats to foods, from health supplies to accessories. They are working hard to not only create great products, but to pursue their desire to contribute to society in a big way.

LivanoPET believes that every pet deserves to live their best life. Therefore, every staff member is eager to raise global awareness of the fact that there are, sadly, millions of animals suffering under bad conditions. That is why they decided to donate money from product sales to non-profit organizations. Whether it is shelter support, stopping animal cruelty, or providing food for millions of animals, their vision is to help as many animals as they can to live better lives. LivanoPET feels a responsibility to do their part in contributing to a better world. It is their desire and strong belief that they can raise awareness and make healthy changes. Through their close relationships to like-minded organizations and through social media platforms, they are reaching people on a global scale and making a difference. All donations are saved and nothing of the promised amount will be held in their company – all will be donated.

To say they are passionate about dogs would be an understatement. They are dog lovers and proud dog parents, through-and-through! They have the same belief as us gals; when you get a dog, they become a member of your family and as their pawrents, it is our responsibility to provide them with a happy and healthy life. They also share our goal of building a strong community of dog-loving people around the world!!

Support this amazing, giving, dog-loving company by signing up for their newsletter, following them on Instagram and Facebook, and making a purchase!

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Abbie is enjoying her daily hip and joint supplement from LivanoPET.

Abbie is enjoying her daily hip and joint supplement from LivanoPET.