Why We Love MiaCara!

Okay, let me start by saying I know that I have an addiction and that I love leashes and collars. Like a little too much, especially since I physically can’t wear them. But there is just something about me having options for the crew every day makes my little dog mom heart very happy. Okay, with that being said, I only post about companies that I truly love, I make sure that I love the quality, the style, the design, love everything about it before sharing with you guys. MiaCara, is a company based out Germany that I recently came across and got a set from. When I tell y’all that it was one of my top 3 FAVORITE of all times, I fell like that might even be an understatement. Guys, this company is the real deal. Even my boyfriend, who thinks my collection is out of hand and wants nothing to do with it, is in love with this set.

Not only does MiaCara have some of the best leashes and collars I’ve ever seen they have SO much more! They have lush and beautiful dog beds, and feeders. Along with toys, grooming products, and much more!  

We asked the couple who started the company in 2011 a few questions about their story, their pup and what keeps them going!

How did you get started?

MiaCara was founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Sebastian and Barbara Zweig. One day, our Labrador Cara refused to sleep on her new dog cushion because she didn’t like the filling. That was when we conceived the idea for creating our own range of high-quality dog products for design-conscious dog owners.

Tell us about your pups!

Labrador Cara is not only the original inspiration behind the brand, but also the name giver. She is 13 years old and she tries all of our products, because she loves comfortable dog cushions and beds.

Molly is a six-year-old German herding dog. Unlike Cara, Molly is more wild and especially enjoys being outdoors. She’s always the first to try our new dog collars and leashes.

What and who influence your work?

Our collection embodies the design philosophy “form follows function”. This means that we create our products first and foremost to meet the needs of the animals. At the same time, we get our inspiration and influence from contemporary interior design trends. We work with a number of internationally renowned product designers, but also design products ourselves.

What keeps you inspired?

What keeps us inspired is the great feedback from our customers. We have customers around the globe, and we work hard each and every day to create functional yet well-designed products that please our customers and their four-legged friends.

We listen closely to our customer’s needs, and watch our dogs and cats carefully to come up with new ideas that make a difference for both the pets and their design-conscious owners.

Below are some of our favorite products form MiaCara!

If you are in the market for a new leash or collar, toys, dog beds and other goodies please make sure check out this amazing company! You can get all your shopping done here!