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Treat Dreams

But as crazy dog girls, we are even more enticed by a cute outfit when it is dog related. It’s something about the cute font mixed with the clever dog phrasing that make our hearts flutter. And, as cheesy as it may sound, Treat Dreams has made my heart flutter, for more reasons that one!

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4Knines - Premium Pet Seat Covers

There is nothing more annoying than riding with your gals to brunch, only to find out you have dog hair all over your carefully chosen ensemble. I know that some dog mom’s think dog hair is the equivalent of sparkly glitter, but there’s a time and a place for each of these, ya know? And neither dog hair nor glitter belong on a fashion-forward gal or in her vehicle.

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Ripley & Rue

Us Gal’s have come across Ripley & Rue; the company that helps your pup dress to the nines every time you hit the street. With a bandana to match every outfit you own, not to mention coordinate with every holiday, your dog will be #instafamous in no time!

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