Darwin's Raw Food - Our Final Thoughts + A Giveaway!


Darwin’s Raw Food has been an food and complete health journey for our dogs. They’ve all done phenomenal on the diet and our testimonials are just a few to add to the many, many others! This food has been a miracle for their vitality and we’re so glad we were introduced at BlogPaws 2018!


Darwin’s is a company we have all gotten behind, and you can too! They stand for health and wellness of all animals, they source their ingredients from reputable people and places, and their raw feeding community is tight-knit and always there to help. Feeding your dog fresh, quality raw meals is now more convenient and affordable than ever!


Check out our first post on Darwin’s where you can read our initial reactions and learn more about their company! Read our second post about our pup’s eagerly digging in!



Your dog has a unique dietary need as does mine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feed him/her Darwin’s Raw!!! Sensitivity to wheat or gluten? No problem! Not good with certain proteins? We’ve got it covered! Darwin’s products are free from these unnecessary additions and they provide complete and balanced nutrition for your dog, no matter the protein you choose. Their meals are customized especially for YOUR dog! Choose from Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, and Turkey.


With Darwin’s three different lines, you’re bound-determined to find something that fits your dog’s needs and your budget! All three lines are made fresh, delivered in vacuum-sealed individual bags for freshness, and then frozen to keep vital nutrients intact for your dog.


Remember, if you want expert help on deciding what food or line is best for your dog, head to their website for a free pet food consultation from a Pet Food Expert!



The nice thing about being 3 different gals with very different dogs, is that we prep our Darwin’s different ways. Abbie and Gunner like their fresh out of the pouch with added supplements. If you’d like to know how Abbie and Gunner like their Darwin’s Raw food, check here and/or send me an email with any questions you have! If you’d like to know how Drake and Pippa like their Darwin’s Raw food, send an email to Jessica with any questions! And if you’d like to know which raw bones/treats Megan feeds her dogs, send her an email here!


Now for the fun stuff!!! If you’ve followed our journey, you know how great this food is and how amazing a raw diet is… Well, we’re offering a month’s worth of Darwin’s raw to TWO lucky winners!!!! That’s up to $500 in savings for two lucky dog moms!!!! All you have to do is head to our Instagram to enter