Spoil Your Dog Everyday

It’s spoil your dog day!!! And we gals are all about this day! Honestly, this is every day for us but today we might be able to get away with it without looking like total crazy people! There are so many fun things you get your pup to make them feel a little extra special today but there is also a load of things you can do as well! We have pulled together a list of some of top picks to help spoil your day today and well everyday! 

Things to do with your dog:

Go on a long walk. Pick an area in your neighborhood that you usually don’t explore and head that way with your pup! Let them take in the new smells and sights as you both stroll the town together! Don’t forget to bring your DOOG gear to make life a little easier. You can see why it’s one of our walking must-haves here

Go to a dog-friendly restaurant for lunch or dinner and make sure they have a little something on the menu for your fur-baby date! Our dogs love to go out with us and be a part of daily lives as much as possible! So, taking them out to eat with us makes them (well most of them) very happy! If your pup is anything like our pups they love the extra attention and belly rubs from everyone around! Also great for photo ops (wink, wink). 

Go to the beach. This is something we wish we could do every single day with our dogs. It might be the happiest place on earth for them! There is nothing like the feel of sand between your paws and saltwater in your fur… well, that is what we hear!! There are so many dog-friendly beaches around the world that you can find one with just a quick google search! Actually, today, our NYC editor and her pups are heading to The Hamptons for a day of fun in the sun! Check out the post on everything you need to know about beachin’ it with your pups here

Go on a hike. This is for all those outdoor gals out there! Pack up your dog, your man, your girls, and head to the nearest nature trail! Behind the beach, this is totally our dog's next happiest place on earth! All the smells, the feels, the contested lifting your leg to pee…. And of course the photos! This calls for a perfect day for everyone in the family! See more about hiking with your pups here

Get them their favorite burger for your nearest In-and-Out, Five Guys or Bareburger to get them the juiciest burger on the menu! We know, we know this isn't the healthiest thing to do, but we say its spoil your dog day and that only comes once a year so… get them two burgers and get yourself one while you are at it! 

Cuddle up in bed and watch Netflix as you give endless belly rubs! Now, this is one of our personal favorites, there is nothing like after a long work week, getting in your comfy clothes, crawling onto the couch with a glass of wine, a remote and your pup! So here are some we recommend to binge! 

Things you can buy:

A new Fi Collar, Fi is the newest GPS and activity tracker on the market with up to 3-months battery life, Lost Dog Mode, step goals and more! See why we love them so much here! Grab one of these bad boys with code GBF25 for $25 off! 

Some new Rebel Dawg Tags, if you have followed us at all for the past few years you know that we are obsessed with Rebel Dawg and our dogs have more tags than we have shoes, and there is no other way we would want it! Learn more about RD here and grab some new bling for your pup with code GBFLOVE20 for 20% off! 

Noble Friends Shop, is one our dog moms go tos!!! But did you know that they make more than just amazing stuff for us dog mommas! NFS had the best dog gear from bowls and placemats, to collars and throws… all custom!! Check out all the amazing things they do here and use code GBF25 for $25 off your first pet portrait!  

My Ollie is an all-natural human-grade dog food that will change everything about your dog in the best way possible! Everything from how excited they get to actually eat something that isn't dry kibble, to their weight and fur! See all the reasons why we love them here and use the link here to order your first box for 50% off! 

Solid Gold supplements are what we use to make sure our pups are living a healthy and long life! Not only does this amazing holistic brand have amazing supplements to keep our pups health in check but they have a great line of food and treats as well! Click here to see why we love them oh so much!

Canada Pooch Gear, the gear of all gear! We are totally obsessed with Canada Pooch in every which way! We love how they have so many styles for every kind of dog and dog owner for every season of the year! They also have some matching set and you know we are ALL about that! Learn more about CP here

Janery Dog Bed, there is nothing like a new soft, clean, thick and comfy dog bed (that also looks amazing in your house)! We are obsessed with the beds and mats from Janery, check them out here

Zippy Paws Toys, there is nothing that makes our pups more happy that a fresh toy and there is nothing that makes us happier than a fresh toy that is also cute AF so we can get that good gram shot! Check out all the amazing things about Zippy Paws here

These are just some of our favorite things to do and get for our pups! Today is a day to celebrate the greatness of pups and how much joy they bring our lives and everyone around them, so let's spend the day cuddling, kissing, and doing whatever they want! 

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